Presents a clear, relevant, and balanced history of the United States as an unfolding story of national development, from the days of the earliest inhabitants to the present. Each chapter blends the excitement and drama of the American experience with insights about the social, economic, and cultural issues that underlie it. America Past and Present, AP® Edition uses significant incidents and episodes to reflect the dilemmas, the choices, and the decisions made by the people as well as by their leaders. The story of American history goes beyond the major events that have helped to shape the nation. It highlights the impact of change on human lives that adds a vital dimension to our understanding of history. This includes the impact of economic events, technology, and environmental issues on patterns of life throughout history. America Past and Present, AP® Edition emphasizes how the story of the American past is relevant to the problems and dilemmas facing the nation today and challenges students to reach their own conclusions about the significance of the American past in their lives.