The FULL-COLOR third edition of Aquaculture: An Introductionbuilds on the outstanding qualities of previous editions. These editions made this title the most widely used aquaculture book in high schools of the United States. The new edition continues to emphasize the breadth of aquaculture as well as provide knowledge to produce aquaculture crops. Information has been updated to assure a highly relevant textbook.

A strong science base has been usd to provide the foundation for aquaculture production. Common aquaculture species are included along with water management, facilities, and marketing. A new chapter on sustainable aquaculture has been included in the third edition to promote environmental-friendly aquaculture. Industry-based approaches have been continued. Students using this book will find that it follows the same systematic format as other titles in the AgriScence and Technology Series.

The author team has been expanded to include Gary Burtle of the University of Georgia. He is well known among aquaculture producers and scientists.