GradPoint™: A digital learning solution for grades 6-12



Limitation ends here.
Success lies ahead.

There is no better testament to the power of our programs than the success stories of our customers. Below is a sampling of some of the many success stories of schools and districts using GradPoint.

  • Franklinton Preparatory Academy, Columbus, Ohio
    Founder and principal of Franklinton Preparatory Academy, Marty Griffith has helped bring the community and local businesses together to support his vision of giving students a unique opportunity. Not only are students receiving personalized learning through the use of GradPoint, but also guiding students into internships with local businesses during their junior and senior years. The school opened its doors in August 2013 and is off to a great start.

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  • Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools, Mt. Morris, Michigan
    After analyzing their student populations and identifying their various needs, Mt. Morris Consolidated School District administrators implemented Waterford Early Learning, SuccessMaker, GradPoint and Zeos at their different schools to help bridge the achievement gap, build foundational grade-level skills, remediate struggling learners, provide preparation practice for state assessments and give alternative educational opportunities to their high school students.

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  • New Covenant Academy, Los Angeles, California
    To address the need of enhancing student engagement in the classroom, New Covenant Academy administrators decided to implement the flipped classroom model using the online courses delivered and hosted on GradPoint. All students in grades 6-10 work at their own pace using the online instruction and receive guidance and additional help from teachers during class time. This model is working successfully for New Covenant Academy.

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  • Peabody Learning Academy, Peabody, Massachusetts
    Education and business officials worked together to create Peabody Learning Academy, an alternative high school that gives at-risk high school students another chance to earn a diploma. Using NovaNET Courseware and GradPoint, students are graduating from the academy and continuing their education at the local community college taking college-level courses.

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