Core Curriculum

The foundation of your digital classroom.

Delivered on our own learning systems, Pearson offers a variety of instructional resources to fit different teaching and learning needs in today’s digital classrooms.

ipad with eText

Digital Courses with Complete Instruction & Assessment

Educators don’t have to build curriculum from scratch with our complete, ready-to-use online curriculum programs that bring together:

  • Assessment
  • Instruction
  • Student activities
  • Remediation plans
  • Lesson plans

Delivered via our learning management systems SuccessNet and SuccessNet Plus – they also come with all the online tools teachers and administrators need to manage, deliver and track instruction with ease.



Pearson’s digital textbooks – we call them ‘eTexts’ – bring teacher and student editions to desktop, laptop and now mobile devices, providing an excellent alternative to print editions.


With exact fidelity to print originals, highlighting, notetaking, bookmarking, comprehensive search and more, our eTexts are included with digital courses on SuccessNet and SuccessNet Plus, or available for individual, standalone purchase.

Now compatible with iPad™, Android™, and Windows 8 devices.


Digital Resource Library

Pearson’s Online Learning Exchange – OLE – connects teachers to libraries of subject-specific rich media assets, editable content, and user-generated materials, enabling them to provide their students the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

Our content, your content, all in one place. Discover how Pearson's Online Learning Exchange can improve teaching, learning, and collaboration.