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Because learning should never stop

At Pearson, we're working to create a continuous, connected and dynamic learning environment. For us, mobile is about more than access on the go. It's about learning on the go.

Our mobile applications focus on creating an active, dynamic learning environment that empowers students and educators to achieve more. We're reinventing how to support teachers in the 21st century, providing new tools to make the classroom experience more dynamic and planning for class more efficient. Thanks to the accessibility of mobile, Pearson is helping students and educators play a more active role in learning.

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Mobile eTexts

eTexts are now compatible with iPad™, Android™, and Windows 8 devices.
eTextsAvailable on Windows 8 devices

for Schools


Now you can experience Pearson digital textbooks on the go with the freedom and functionality of mobile tablets. Pearson’s eText for Schools app allows teachers and students to view Pearson eText titles on iPad and Android tablets, and Windows 8 devices. With the eText for Schools app, pages display true to the print version and are enhanced with powerful interactive features such as full-text search, highlights, notes, bookmarks, multimedia content, and multilingual glossaries.

Our library of more than 30 K–12 programs, including Common Core, extends learning beyond the classroom.



iBooks Textbooks

Pearson has redesigned and enhanced our secondary Math and Science titles to deliver core instruction with the touch interactivity and rich visual experience of iPad®.
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iBooks Textbook in iPad

Enter a new dimension of learning with Pearson’s online textbooks for grades 9-12 designed for iBooks. Our visually stunning online textbooks transform the learning experience into an exploration in which students engage with rich introductory videos, interactive diagrams, and study guides, leading to enhanced understanding of the material and better learning outcomes. And, with all their books on a single iPad® tablet, students can engage in learning wherever they go.





Teacher Apps

Dash Mobile Teacher Support



Pearson is reinventing how to support teachers in the 21st century with its newest mobile app, Dash—designed specifically for iPad™. Breakthrough mobile teacher support tools enhance instruction and enable teachers to be more responsive to individual student needs while teaching. With swipe, tap and go access to key resources and utilities, teachers can move around the classroom, differentiate instruction, and track progress in real time with unprecedented ease. Dash supports select Pearson digital curriculum programs.






Student Apps

40+ student apps for prep and practice include instructive videos, assessment with prescription, and interactive learning games ideal for today’s digital natives.



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