Learning Management Systems

Assess. Instruct. Track.

Pearson’s online systems are tailor built to deliver a variety of instructional materials and experiences for students and teachers.


Introducing a New Learning Management System


PEARSON REALIZE is our newest learning management system (LMS). It is the online destination for standards-aligned content, flexible class management tools, and embedded assessments that deliver data to teachers instantly.


How do you measure success?
Numbers talk. SuccessNet measures up.


Pearson SuccessNet is a complete K–12, online teaching and learning environment. It’s the one site where teachers, students, parents, and administrators can access resources for hundreds of Pearson programs – including online student and teacher texts, purposeful, interactive digital lessons—designed to achieve deliberate and specific learning goals, reporting software, lesson planners, and more.




One Site for Teachers

Teachers focus on what's truly important—their students
  • Organizes all Pearson digital resources in one place, saving time through one simple login.

  • Provides strategically placed digital assets at point of use, seamlessly connecting print and online instruction.

  • Allows users to search digital assets by state standards, media type, topic, and more.


One Site for Students

Students learn as they live—in a digital world.
  • Extends learning beyond the textbook by providing rich, digital content with a purpose—student engagement, understanding, and performance.

  • Integrates relevant digital resources into the natural flow of lessons.

  • Helps today's digital natives become active and motivated participants in their own education.

successNet screen


One site for Success

Students follow a personalized path—learning at their own pace
  • Offers a platform to easily and effectively personalize instruction for all students.

  • Allows transparency of student progress—teachers know how every student is performing.

  • Provides prescriptive direction for instruction based on student’s performance.

Successnet Screen laptop


Personalized Learning Management for K-12 Classrooms.


SuccessNet Plus is the first K-12 system to merge powerful learning management with Pearson’s proven curriculum and automatically personalize instruction for all students. This new kind of learning management offers assessment, planning, instruction and tracking integrated with Pearson’s proven curriculum to create comprehensive and customizable programs.




Curriculum that's 100% customizable

  • Complete programs are ready-to-use so educators don’t have to build curriculum from scratch.
  • Customize Pearson assessments, activates and lesson plans.
  • Upload teacher-created materials
  • Distribute district resources to all classes.

Personalized instruction for all students

study plan psn+
  • Automatic, assessment-based personalization informs ongoing instruction and remediation for every student.
  • Embedded assessments automatically inform instruction.
  • Instruction automatically delivered to suit each student's skill level.
  • Personal study plans for remediation & skill mastery.

Teacher Time Saved

Planner PSN+
  • Integrated scheduling, assigning and management solutions save teacher time planning, managing resources and tracking student progress.
  • Unified, calendar based planner for lessons and assignments.
  • Easy search by skill, standard, activity type and teacher or student resources.
  • Results tracking for assignment progress, assessments and auto-graded homework.

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Pearson’s Online Learning Exchange – OLE – connects teachers to libraries of subject-specific rich media assets, editable content, and user-generated materials, enabling them to provide their students the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in the 21st century.


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