Training & Support

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To ensure a smooth implementation using digital programs and tools, Pearson offers a variety of self-help, professional development, and product support options that assist customers from getting started all the way to using advanced features.


Professional Development

Pearson’s technology integration professional development programs help educators leverage technology to plug into 21st century instructional approaches. We can help your teachers use technology as a bridge to student learning with training on how to:

  • Create and manage technology-rich lessons.
  • Use interactive whiteboards to enhance instruction across grade levels and content areas.
  • Implement the digital tools and activities embedded in your Pearson curriculum to engage students and improve learning.



Tutorials, Webinars, and Guides

Teachers, students and administrators have access to self-help resources for their digital products and systems. Easy-to-follow videos and print guides describe features and functionality one step at a time. Webinars offer live training and Q&A with an expert. The MyPearson Training site provides self-help resources for teachers, students, and administrators using our digital programs and learning systems to explain all aspects of use. From brief, easy-to-follow video tutorials, to comprehensive, step-by-step print guides, customers can rely on MyPearson Training to learn about product features and functionality one piece at a time. And for more personal attention, scheduled webinars offer customers a chance for live training and Q&A with an expert.



Technical Product Support

Search our knowledge base, locate access and school codes for new products, view FAQ’s for your digital products or get immediate assistance from a support professional over email, chat or phone at Pearson’s Community Connection site for product support.