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Symbols of America

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Symbols of America

Symbols of America

Give your students a chance to interact with key symbols of our republic in a new and exciting way! Delve into the history of our nation through an Essential Question led exploration of the American Flag, and sing along to patriotic songs, or teach the Pledge of Allegiance. Symbols of America has been designed as an interactive learning tool for K-5 classrooms, and can be used in conjunction with any digital whiteboard, an LCD projector, or a personal computer.

Best of all? It’s free! Download the project or link to it online & let us know your thoughts, how you use it in your classroom, or how we can make the next chapter of this free project even better for educators!


The Great Seal of the United States

Download the Flag Project

Download The Statue of Liberty


More Projects Coming Soon

More free interactive whiteboard projects from Pearson!

  • National Symbol: The Great Seal of the United States – (K-5) Work with your students to choose: Eagle or Turkey?
  • Mount Rushmore – (K-8) More information to come this spring!

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