Investigations in Number, Data, and Space for the Common Core


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The Standards for Mathematical Practice are aligned with the goals and principles that guided the development of every Investigations session. Read more about Mathematical Practice in a WhitePaper written by the TERC authors.


Point of Intersection: Practice Content

The Standards for Mathematical Practice are deeply embedded in Investigations. They promote active thinking and learning. Investigations for the Common Core helps you teach all Standards for Mathematical Content. Students actively explore mathematical ideas and develop understanding and fluency.

Peek Inside an Investigations Classroom

Take a peek inside some Investigations classrooms to see Common Core Mathematical Practice in-action, and to see students learning the Common Core Content with deep understanding of the mathematics. Hear both students and teachers share their insights about the Investigations program.


Enhancements for Investigations!

Energize and engage students with activities developed specifically for the Whiteboard

Additional Intervention, Practice, and Extension Activities meet the needs of all students

Be assured that your students are ready for their Common Core assessment. Check out the Common Core Standards Practice and Test Practice Workbook.

2/24/2016 Investigations 3: Using Math Games to Deepen Understanding
The more math games students play, the more math understanding they have, and the more math practice they can do! Join us to learn how Investigations 3 ©2017 uses games to provide engaging opportunities for students to deepen their understanding; to encourage strategic mathematical thinking; and to provide repeated practice for fluency with numbers.

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