The Striving Readers grant promotes the use of:

  • Coherent assessment systems aligned with state standards,
  • Valid and reliable screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring measures;
  • Assessment data to inform instruction, interventions, professional development, and continuous program improvement;
  • Accommodations to ensure all students are reliably and accurately assessed.

 In addition to helping applicants comply with these grant requirements, the following assessment products will accurately measure students’ literacy progress to help inform instruction.


Featured Solutions for Striving Readers


Benchmark and progress monitoring system for grades K-8 Simplify your RTI implementation.



Achievement of K–12 Spanish-speaking students in their native language



3:6 for early auditory and phonological skills



A measure of expressive vocabulary and word retrieval and Standard American English


A reading assessment and diagnostic evaluation for instruction and intervention



Test for preliterate children on the path to reading success


Fostering growth in language and literacy.

Stanford 10 Online


Stanford 10 Online

Stanford English Language Proficiency Test


Valuates the listening, reading, comprehension, writing, and speaking skills of K-12 English Language Learners

Stanford Spanish Language Proficiency Test


Ensure your Spanish-Speaking students have a strong foundation in their native language

Gain a sharper focus on reading difficulties.

All Assessment Solutions for Striving Readers