Educator Professional Development

At Pearson, we define Educator Effectiveness as the purposeful demonstration of best practices in five key areas that work toward improving student performance:

  1. Instructional planning
  2. Setting a positive learning environment
  3. Classroom management
  4. Instructional delivery
  5. Assessment for learning

Our professional development team supports that endeavor by helping teachers become sustained learners, honing their content and pedagogical knowledge through a cycle of continuous improvement that’s focused on their individual needs.


About Pearson Professional Development

Student achievement starts with successful teachers and leaders. With a focus on teacher growth and classroom achievement, Pearson's Professional Development team offers a capacity-building model that includes professional development solutions focusing on bridging the gap between knowledge acquisition and application, job embedded coaching and modeling, technology integration, and differentiated teaching strategies. Experienced education consultants facilitate research-based onsite workshops, video tutorials, and live webinars designed to support Pearson’s leading curriculum programs as well as scientifically-based instructional strategies—based on your high-priority needs and initiatives.