NovaNET® Bridge


For every gap, there's a bridge.

Each year thousands of middle school students enter high school at risk for failure. At the same time thousands of students with great potential and promise drop out of high school. In a recent study, 45% of high school dropouts said they started high school poorly prepared by their earlier schooling.* With NovaNET Bridge, educators can provide effective instruction and ensure their students are on the path to graduation on their first day of high school.

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For Middle School Students

Middle school is a challenging time for students and educators, and can be especially daunting for those who are struggling. With NovaNET Bridge you can:

  • Prepare students for the rigor of high school curricula
  • Improve scores on high stakes tests
  • Accelerate remediation with individualized learning
  • Support over-aged middle school students
  • Build foundations for long-term academic success



For High School Students

We understand why students dropout and what you need to make those hours in and out of the classroom count. With NovaNET Bridge you can:

  • Fill knowledge gaps of underprepared freshman
  • Provide intervention for struggling students
  • Ready students for the rigor of high school curricula
  • Re-engage students who have missed school, dropped out or have failed in traditional environments
  • Graduate more students who are college-and career-ready

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