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Speed Games

SuccessMaker Speed Games is a fun and focused math practice app for the Apple® iPad® that extends and enhances learning while providing a game-like experience students are familiar with.

Speed Games enables students to practice basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, while on-the-go! The interactive and engaging exercises build automaticity, allowing students to recall math facts quickly with 48 levels of game play.



Add a new dimension to math practice that:

  • Is intuitive and easy to use right from the start - just download and play!
  • Puts the users in the middle of fast-paced problem solving for truly interactive learning.
  • Targets automatic recall of basic math facts preserving free working memory for the application of more complex learning challenges.
  • Provides a game-like interface with the ability to create avatars and receive rewards or avoid penalties as they progress through the levels.
  • Leverages students' natural competitive nature by allowing them to challenge other users on the local device.

SuccessMaker Speed Games Grades 1 - 6 - Pearson Education, Inc.



Social Media Video

Put those clumsy flash cards down and bring your math practice into the 21st century with SuccessMaker Speed Games, available now on iTunes. Watch as our ‘flyboy’ steps into the future with his Apple iPad and SuccessMaker Speed Games.


Live from the Press Suite at ISTE 2011

Watch a demo of our fun, new mobile math app SuccessMaker Speed Games.



Introducing Math Practice for the 21st Century!

Watch as Kim Covington, the School Solutions reporter for the local Phoenix NBC affiliate, shows how Speed Games can help students avoid the summer brain freeze and keep their math skills sharp.



Speed Games Goes Viral

Straight from the Tech & Learning research lab, watch these students having a great time practicing math facts on their iPad with Pearson's new SuccessMaker Speed Games app now available on iTunes. Speed Games has 12 levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You have to be pretty good to unlock all 12 levels. Can you do it?


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