Elementary Social Studies for Florida



myWorld Social Studies, Pearson’s Florida Social Studies program, allows teachers to make the most out of limited instructional time to cover academic standards with print, digital and blended learning opportunities, while reinforcing reading and writing skills found in the NGSSS and Common Core Standards. Students explore concepts, build knowledge, and transfer what they have learned beyond the classroom leading to deeper and lasting comprehension and understanding.

The program encourages students to make personal connections with the content through storytelling, the oldest means for conveying knowledge, but with a digital twist. Research shows that such connections help students retain and comprehend information.

myWorld Social Studies incorporates a unique interactive digital storytelling tool from Tikatok, a division of Barnes & Noble, to offer K-5 learners an opportunity to create digital books tied to social studies content. Pearson’s myStory System™ will focus on:

  • authentic assessment of students
  • the transfer of learning to demonstrate understanding
  • digital literacy, independent thinking, and a mastery of digital tools
  • peer collaboration and review