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Maximize the Power of iPad for Teachers

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dash app iconPearson is reinventing how to support teachers in the 21st century with its newest mobile app, Dash—designed specifically for iPad™.

With swipe, tap and go access, teachers can move around the classroom, differentiate instruction, and track progress in real time with unprecedented ease.


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Dash Comprehensive
Immediate access to all instructional materials empowers comprehensive preparation and teaching.
For Active Learning
Superior instructional content, strategies, and services come together to enable teachers as dynamic facilitators of classroom learning and collaboration.
Focus on Success
Unprecedented real-time instructional support helps teachers maintain student engagement, differentiate instruction, and track progress as they work.



Dash in the Classroom

We’re working with educators using Dash in the classroom to ensure this solution is effective in driving student success. The Dash beta releases in Fall 2011, supporting select Pearson digital curriculum programs:






myWorld Geography

Take your classroom on a virtual exploration around the world and through time with this exciting new digitally driven social studies program.

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myWorld History

myWorld History

Help students develop a deeper understanding of the content by making personal connections to history.

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