The Ninth Edition of Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology is a comprehensive program that fulfills the needs of today’s students while addressing the concerns of their teachers. The author team--drawing on the their vast content knowledge, research skills, artistic talents, and collective 75 years of classroom experience—focused their revision on a single question: “How can we best make this information meaningful, manageable, and comprehensible?”


Better Readability

Shorter sentences, breaking embedded clauses into separate parts, changing passive sentences to direct active sentences, simplifying non-medical vocabulary, and substantially reducing the number of words to help students manage and navigate the material.


Seeing is Believing

Increased visual effectiveness through the integration of illustrations and narratives.


The Best In Online Learning

You know the challenge of helping students grasp a new idea that’s just beyond reach. Pearson’s Mastering products—which includes MasteringA&P™—have been designed with the single purpose of helping your students reach more moments of true understanding that lead to better results.

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