Student-friendly overview of our physical environment that offers balanced, up-to-date coverage of geology, oceanography, astronomy, and meteorology. The authors focus on readability, with clear, example-driven explanations of concepts and events. The Thirteenth Edition incorporates a new active learning approach, a fully updated visual program, and is available for the first time with MasteringGeology™—the most complete, easy-to-use, engaging tutorial and assessment tool available.


Active Learning

Active-learning approach offers the students a structured learning path and provides a reliable, consistent framework for mastering the chapter concepts.





Thematic Systems Approach

Three themes recur throughout the text—“Earth as a System,” “People and the Environment,” and “Understanding Earth”—to help organize and connect concepts that may otherwise seem disparate





Maximizing Impact with Visuals

Earth science is highly visual, so art and photographs play a critical role. The 13th Edition includes a revised visual program that re-conceptualizes 50% of the figures and photos. The result is an honors-level program developed for maximum visual effectiveness.


The Best in Online Learning

You know the challenge of helping students grasp a new idea that’s just beyond reach. Pearson’s Mastering products—which includes MasteringGeology™—have been designed with the single purpose of helping your students reach more moments of true understanding that lead to better results.

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