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Today’s digital natives spend hours plugged into their cell phones, iPods, video games, and computers. They send thousands of text messages and tweets, upload countless photos, and chat on facebook while doing their homework. After all, what teenager doesn’t have 6,372 “friends” in need of status updates at least 17 times a day? Pearson Virtual Learning powered by Florida Virtual Learning meets these students in their digital world, proving that it actually is possible to watch videos, send texts, and learn 21st century skills all at the same time. Virtually anything is possible.

  • Teachers and students interact regularly through e-mail, voice mail, telephone conversations, Skype, and instant messenger
  • Activity-based lessons, interactive components and assessments, and rich media experiences motivate students to complete online courses
  • Personalized learning that addresses the needs of each individual student
  • Online opportunities that help students work around scheduling conflicts, recover credit, or take hard-to-find courses such as Chinese, 3-D art and animation, and more

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Watch a trailer for “Conspiracy Code,” a revolutionary online American History course that brings history to life in an interactive 3D adventure.

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