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Flexible Delivery Models

Pearson Virtual Learning



Be a Community Leader!

You can position your district as a valuable asset to your community and be a leader in education by:

  • offering 21st century courses
  • expanding curriculum choices
  • providing access to digital skills
  • building preparedness for college and the workforce
  • increasing graduation rates
  • decreasing drop-out rates

You Can Do It!

We know that virtual learning seems like a huge cultural shift. Administrators might be overwhelmed by the thought of taking on what they see as a daunting task. Educators may doubt their ability to make the shift into unknown territory. Think you can’t do it? Well, we know you can.

Tailor-Made to Suit Your Needs

Regardless of where you are in your virtual learning program, we can guide you every step of the way—from orientation through implementation.

Want to start small? We’ll help you create your own unique scalable program. Need a blended or full-blown online e-learning initiative? We’ll get you there.

Flexible Options

Our courses can be imported into a variety of learning management systems (LMS), or we can host them for you. Our instructional options are flexible—use our teachers or your own with access to our professional development services.

Simply choose the level that best meets your needs:

• Global School

A turn-key, tuition-based program, Global School, allows students to be enrolled in any course almost immediately.

  • Our courses
  • Our LMS
  • Our teachers

• EasyStart

A seamless start-up e-Learning program to move you forward quickly.

  • Our courses
  • Our LMS
  • Your teachers

• Per-Enrollment Leasing

If you already have an LMS, leasing is a great option for you.

  • Our courses
  • Your LMS
  • Your teachers

• Site License

Enjoy the flexibility of subscribing to our course content to use as you choose. Subscribe to our hosted courses for some or all of your students and pick 20, 40, or our entire collection of over 100 courses.

  • Our Courses
  • Our LMS
  • Your Teachers

• Per Seat License

A per seat solution offering you and your students the most flexibility plus access to our entire collection of over 100 courses.

  • Our Courses
  • Our LMS
  • Your Teachers
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