Why Online Learning?

Last year, more than four million students enrolled in formal online learning programs1. With growth expected to continue at a rate of more than 40 percent over the next five years2, online learning is rapidly becoming an essential part of the education experience for today’s technology-driven learners.


With the right virtual learning solution you can:

  • Prepare students for the future with rigorous curriculum designed for college and career readiness.
  • Produce tested achievement results on par with or better than traditional methods.
  • Unlock performance gains for struggling students or students with special needs.
  • Expand curriculum choices.
  • Give students control of their personal learning program with 24/7, online access.
  • Provide a cost-cutting and creative alternative to budget cuts and staffing shortages.
  • Meet state virtual and blended learning initiatives.

Meet Them Where They Live

Students’ educational experiences need to be as “plugged in” as they are.Online learning that is nonlinear, dynamic, and rich in multimedia provides an immersive learning experience that meets these digital natives right where they live


Be Better than Average

In any student body there is a broad spectrum of ability and interest levels. Serving students at both ends is a constant challenge. Districts do not need to be stuck “teaching to the middle.” It is more possible than ever to meet students’ unique needs. With our help, districts can provide enrichment and hard-to-find courses for those seeking a challenge, as well as remedial support for the struggling learner.


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