Campbell BIOLOGY 9e, AP* Edition--the authoritative content you expect and the pedagogical innovation you demand. This text helps students make connections across biology, with the tools they need to move beyond memorization to deeper, conceptual understanding.

Campbell BIOLOGY 9e, AP* Edition fully supports the College Board's new AP Biology Curriculum Framework.


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Make Connections across biology has never been easier

See for yourself how the Ninth Edition helps students see the "forest" through the "trees."

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The best in science technology

Bring AP biology to life with MasteringBiology™. More than a store-house for all the rich Campbell Biology media tools, MasteringBiology is a next-generation, one-source learning and assessment system. Find out how this powerful tool helps teachers maximize class time with customizable, easy-to-assign, and automatically graded assessments...while giving students the personalized coaching and feedback they need to succeed.

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Cool New Features

Learn more about cool, new features added to the 9th Edition.

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New! Revised for the new AP Biology Exam!

AP* Test Prep Workbook
©2013, Holtzclaw, Holtzclaw

This AP* Test Prep Workbook has been thoroughly revised to be congruent with the new Curriculum Framework, give students information about the organization of the course by Big Ideas, and introduce them to the science practices. Content information is provided to summarize the concepts retained in the new Curriculum Framework, while notes are added to separate content that is required from material teachers may use as illustrative examples. This workbook retains the student-friendly features— You Must Know boxes, Tips From the Readers boxes, and practice problems—and now includes an emphasis on making connections between topics and integration of science practices throughout.




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