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Trusted, innovative, and calibrated, Chemistry: The Central Science has been the leader in AP chemistry for over a decade. The new Twelfth Edition is the program’s most ambitious revision to date—every word and piece of art has been scrutinized for effectiveness by all five authors.

Based on abundant data culled from MasteringChemistry®, this intelligent, data-informed revision reflects the unparalleled teaching expertise of its author team. Each chapter has been updated and streamlined to remove any content not proven to increase student comprehension of the fundamental concepts of chemistry. Joined in this edition by new co-author Patrick Woodward, the book’s impeccable authorship gains a fresh, new perspective yet maintains its unified, consistent voice.


  • A consistent problem-solving process is incorporated throughout so students always know where to go when problem solving.
  • Analyze/Plan/Solve/Check format helps students understand what they are being asked to solve, to plan how they will solve each problem, to work their way through the solution, and to check their answers.
  • Dual-column, ""Problem-Solving Strategies"" in ""Selected Sample Exercises"" explain the thought process involved in each step of a mathematical calculation using a unique layout for clarity.
  • "Strategies in Chemistry"" features teach students ways to analyze information and organize thoughts, helping to improve problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities.
  • "Give It Some Thought" (GIST) are informal and sharply focused exercises that give students opportunities to test whether they are “getting it” as they read along.
  • “Go Figure” questions encourage students to stop and analyze the artwork in the text for conceptual understanding. When students are required to stop and answer a question about the artwork, they cannot just skip over the images—they need to be sure they understand the concept.
    • "Voice Balloons" help students break down the components of the image.
    • "Over the Shoulder" leader lines provide the instructor’s perspective—i.e., how an instructor would help students do a problem in class.
    • These questions are coded in MasteringChemistry.


  • "Sample Exercises" incorporate molecular illustrations to help students visualize what is happening on a molecular level when they are asked to solve a quantitative problem.
  • "Visualizing Concepts" exercises precede ask students to consider concepts through the use of models, graphs, and other visual materials. These help students develop a conceptual understanding of the key ideas in the chapter.
  • "Multi-Focus Graphics" provide a variety of perspectives including macroscopic, microscopic, and symbolic to portray various chemical concepts. Students develop a more complete understanding of the topic being presented.
  • “End-of-Chapter Exercises” are grouped by topic and presented in matched pairs, giving students multiple opportunities to test each concept.
  • “Integrative Exercises” connect concepts for the current chapter with those from previous chapters. These help students gain a deeper understanding of how chemistry fits together and serve as an overall review of key concepts.
  • “Sample Integrative Exercises “are offered in many chapters to show students how to analyze and solve problems that encompass more than one concept."

MasteringChemistry™—New Online Learning and Assessment Platform

For the first time ever, six-year access to MasteringChemistry with Pearson eText is provided upon adoption of the NASTA-bound Student Edition. This Web-based, self-study homework and tutorial system is correlated to the text, offering teachers and students a powerful, interactive way to encourage and ensure learning. It provides all the great student and teacher digital assets you are used to accessing on the Brown/LeMay Chemistry: The Central Science Companion Web Site, and so much more. Use as much or as little as you want!

  • The Study Area in MasteringChemistry functions similar to the companion Web site for previous editions of the book. It includes animations, interactive activities, practice tests and cumulative tests, and a much more.
  • A complete eText with powerful interactive and customization functions.
  • Personalized coaching and feedback through assignable, self-paced tutorials with answer-specific feedback and hints.
  • Library of exercises calibrated in difficulty and duration.
  • Robust gradebook functionality provides easy-to-interpret insights into student performance—ideal for demonstrating assessment outcomes.

For more information on this powerful tool, visit or contact your Pearson sales representative.


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