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Helping Every Student Achieve

Did You Know?

Districts can apply for a waiver to carry over a portion of Title I funds into the next school year. The remaining funds must be spent by June 30th.

Title I aims to help districts and schools with high percentages of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds meet proficient and advanced levels of academic achievement. This is done by implementing effective, research-based instructional strategies that increase the amount and quality of learning time and accelerate achievement. Over 50% of SuccessMaker customers have used Title I funds to support their implementations because of the program’s proven track record of filling reading and math skill gaps to boost achievement for K-8 students with diverse needs. If you’re ready to invest your Title I funds in a solution that truly delivers on the promise of helping every student achieve, we’re ready to help.



SuccessMaker Title I Toolkit

Here’s your complete toolkit for learning how SuccessMaker can help you make the most of your Title I funds



Hear how SuccessMaker supports Title I strategies in this short 3-minute funding snapshot video.


Share information about SuccessMaker’s match to Title I with this info sheet.


Experience SuccessMaker for yourself in our content gallery featuring sample videos from the program.


Learn how two Title I Spotlight Schools put their Title I dollars to work to achieve real results with SuccessMaker:



Experience SuccessMaker Today

See SuccessMaker in action in our content gallery which showcases reading and math lessons as well as learning management reporting capabilities.

SuccessMaker in Action



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Designed to provide customized learning for each and every student, SuccessMaker is a powerful solution for your K-8 needs. Learn what SuccessMaker has to offer both learners and educators.

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Common Core

Address the Common Core State Standards instructional shifts with personalized learning, student data management and accountability through SuccessMaker.

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Webinar Schedule

SuccessMaker® 7: A Tale of Two Courses

How is your school or district leveraging technology to deliver the promise of personalized learning to all students, especially students with learning differences and/or difficulties? How are teachers balancing the need to provide the individualized intervention students working below grade level in reading and/or math require to successfully access grade-level standards with the expectation that ALL students be exposed to on-grade-level tasks and content regardless of readiness? Join this webinar to learn how the new Intervention and College and Career Readiness courses in SuccessMaker® 7 can be used to help teachers successfully meet the demands posed by these two competing instructional objectives.

May 21, 2014
4:00 PM EST (prerecorded)

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SuccessMaker® 7: From Data to Insights and Insights to Outcomes

Are you exploring ways to deepen or enhance your existing intervention practices (e.g., MTSS, RTI, PBIS) in order to improve academic or behavioral outcomes for underserved students? How effectively is data being used by teachers to inform or modify instruction in the classroom or increase learner agency? Join this webinar to learn more about how SuccessMaker® 7 can be used to support data-driven decision making while motivating reluctant students to engage more deeply in their own learning.

May 28, 2014
4:00 PM EST (prerecorded)

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SuccessMaker® 7: We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Has the challenge of providing timely and effective interventions to students in need been impacted by the transition to more rigorous standards and assessments in your school or district? Are teachers concerned about the number of students who may require additional support to meet or exceed grade-level performance expectations in response to changing standards and assessments? Join this webinar to learn how the new learning objectives, assessment types, and scaffolded supports in Successmaker® 7 help provide ALL students the individualized supplemental instruction they need to successfully demonstrate mastery of the new standards.

Jun 4, 2014
4:00 PM EST (prerecorded)

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