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Project Turnaround - Georgia

Pearson Digital Learning - Partnering with Georgia to turn around the lowest achieving schools


Title I, Part A: Getting college and career readiness right with Pearson Digital Learning

For years, districts all over the country have turned to Pearson Digital Learning to help low achieving schools and students meet proficient and advanced levels of academic achievement through a powerful combination of research-based technology programs and best-in-class professional development services. Pearson Digital Learning’s entire portfolio of educational software programs are designed to support the school-wide reform strategies of Title I.


Smart Start

A smart start is an early start.

Over 50% of those who purchase Pearson Digital Learning’s Waterford Early Learning and SuccessMaker programs for elementary education use Title I to fund their implementations. That’s because the unique abilities of both Waterford Early Learning and SuccessMaker to support school-wide reform strategies make them a natural fit for helping low-achieving schools and students meet proficient and advanced levels of academic achievement.


College and Career

Powerful courseware for college and career readiness.

Title I, in combination with other funding sources, is often used to purchase NovaNET Courseware for core high school instruction because of the program’s ability to deliver critical core high school curriculum online, when and where students need it, and at their own pace providing the ideal tool for recovering credits, delivering intervention at the high school level, and ensuring your high school learners meet proficient and advanced levels of academic achievement preparing them for college and career.

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